Data Center

Opportunity for Data Center with green profile

  • Location: At Dale in Vaksdal municipality, approx. 60 km from Bergen city and 70 km from Bergen international airport
  • Access: At highway E 16 which connects Oslo and Bergen. Train station 600 meters from the premises. Nearest harbour 7 km
  • Available indoor area for data centre: Up to 20 000 m2 - concrete and steel structure. Available outdoor area: 4 000 m2
  • Available office facilities, parking space etc. as needed - tailoring of premises can be done as required
  • Direct off-grid link to several power plants giving security for continuous availability of hydro generated electricity
  • Transformation from 22 KV to the customer’s voltage requirement done on site - giving large users of electricity savings on grid cost
  • Our current capacity is approx. 17 MW clean renewable electricity
  • Available further 20 MW as per concession granted to Dale Fabrikker in July 2019. Transformation from 132 KV to 22 KV to be done by Dale Fabrikker. Separate and own 132 KV power cable from the grid substation was completed in 2022
  • New 25 MVA trafo in production and to be installed early January 2023
  • Possible substantial expansion of capacity in the longer term, 2025 and beyond.
  • Electricity to data centres established will be supplied through our infrastructure
  • Low voltage electricity (230V and 400V) supply of approx. 4 MW available today to support various infrastructure
  • Cold water for cooling – up to 1 080 m3 per hour - through our existing water infrastructure. The water flow from our pipeline has a natural pressure at the property of 6,5 bar. The heated water may be recycled and sold/distributed to nearby public institutions to replace use of fossil fuel
  • Sufficient fibre network capacity to be provided by external supplier on short notice
  • Climate statistics: Average annual air temperature approx. 6 degrees C