Data Center

Opportunity for Data Center with green profile

  • Location: At Dale in Vaksdal municipality, approx. 60 km from Bergen city and 70 km from Bergen international airport
  • Access: At highway E 16 which connects Oslo and Bergen. Train station 600 meters from the premises. Nearest harbour 7 km
  • Available indoor area for data centre: Up to 20 000 m2 - concrete and steel structure. Available outdoor area: 4 000 m2
  • Available office facilities, parking space etc. as needed - tailoring of premises can be done as required
  • Direct off-grid link to several power plants giving security for continuous availability of hydro generated electricity
  • Transformation from 22 KV to the customer’s voltage requirement done on site - giving large users of electricity savings on grid cost
  • Available approx. 15 MW clean renewable electricity for a data center on short notice.
  • Available further 20 MW as per concession granted to Dale Fabrikker in July 2019. Transformation from 132 KV. Separate and own power cable from the grid station to be completed.
  • Possible substantial expansion of capacity in the longer term
  • Electricity to data centres established will be supplied through our infrastructure
  • Low voltage electricity (230V and 400V) supply of approx. 4 MW available today to support various infrastructure
  • Cold water for cooling – up to 1 080 m3 per hour - through our existing water infrastructure. The water flow from our pipeline has a natural pressure at the property of 6,5 bar. The heated water may be recycled and sold/distributed to nearby public institutions to replace use of fossil fuel
  • Sufficient fibre network capacity to be provided by external supplier on short notice
  • Climate statistics: Average annual air temperature approx. 6 degrees C (2016-2017)